Trust a Team of Local Explorers

Trust a Team of Local Explorers

Learn about our recreational vehicle rental agency in Grand Junction, CO

Funshares Buggy Center & Rentals has been in business for over 24 years. Owner Ron and his wife, Charlotte, were born and raised here in Grand Junction. Ron, Charlotte and their kids make the magic happen at Funshares Buggy Center & Rentals. They are seasoned explorers of the area and can recommend all the must-see spots.

Rent an ATV or a dune buggy to serve as the springboard for your next adventure. Call 970-241-0464 to connect with our local adventure experts in Grand Junction, CO.

3 reasons to schedule a buggy rental from us

Take your western Colorado explorations to the next level with a buggy rental from Funshares Buggy Center & Rentals. You can:

  1. Take the whole family on an epic adventure.
  2. Speed across all kinds of terrain with friends in tow.
  3. Explore the area in a fun recreational vehicle.

Call 970-241-0464 now to book your buggy rental in Grand Junction, CO.